Class Schedules:
Students will be able to access a draft of their 22-23 schedule via Aeries Student Portal starting on Friday August 5th at 5pm.  Please note that our counseling team continues to work to finalize classes and balance schedules, so there may be some changes before the first day of school.  If students find that there is an error in their schedule, please utilize this Google Form to communicate with your counselor. Students will need to be signed in with their SMUHSD email account. Counselors are working on scheduling and will not be able to respond directly to emails.  

Food Services
The San Mateo Union High School district will again provide free breakfast, brunch and lunch for all students. We will be introducing new phone-based technologies to speed up services.
Hillsdale High School Student Handbook

All students and families are asked to review our Student Handbook, found on our website and linked here.  Please set aside time to sit down with your student to read the handbook. Students will also review it with their advisors in the first week of school. After reading and reviewing the handbook, each student and their parent/guardian must sign their name to the 22-23 Mandatory Signature Page linked here. This signature form must be signed and submitted by all students and one parent/guardian by August 22nd, 2022.

Peace Pantry Volunteers Needed

See the Peace Pantry Page for more information


BARK: Special Offer for SMUHSD Families

BARK is offering 20% off on the service for SMUHSD families. Click here: use the code SMUHSD20


Here are a few resources:

Bark: Bark — The Smart Way to Keep Kids Safer Online

FAQ's: FAQ Library

YouTube Channel: Bark YouTube


Measure L

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At Hillsdale, transite panels will be encapsulated, and window glazing will be replaced with dual panes for energy efficiency. The school’s lift will be replaced for access compliance and concrete will be refinished throughout the school. Exposed structural elements and surfaces will be painted throughout the campus. Exposed steel will be painted to match the school’s new color scheme. Guardrail panels will be replaced throughout the campus. Roll-up doors will be replaced. Skylights will be installed to allow natural light to increase visibility and safety. The estimated project cost for Hillsdale is $ $20,804,097.

The Board of Trustees recently approved the schematic design, budget and schedule presented for the Hillsdale High School Domestic Water Pipe Replacement Project. The project scope includes the replacement of the existing cold-water piping in the existing utility tunnel at Hillsdale High School. Existing water lines will be removed  and replaced connecting the building systems outside the building.    Construction is scheduled for June through August 2022. The anticipated total project cost is $592,170. 

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Source: SMUHSD

SMUHSD Board Meetings

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Interested in joining the next SMUHSD meeting? See the district website for the meeting agenda and login information.

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Hillsdale Knights Bulletin May 26, 2022

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Hillsdale High School Foundation: Supporting Small Learning Communities


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