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Hillsdale HS Foundation Needs  Your Support

When you donate to the annual Foundation Fund, your money supports these benefits that are unique to Hillsdale:

  • Small Learning Communities and Houses

  • Looping of core teachers for 2 years

  • Daily advisory

  • Reduced class sizes 

  • Personalized instruction from teachers and advisors mentoring students 

  • Tightly integrated curriculum across subjects 

  • Senior Capstone Projects

These programs cannot exist without your support.   Hillsdale’s model of a small learning community only exists with your help.  Thank you! 

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3rd Annual Thanksgiving Drive


This is our 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Drive to raise money to be able to provide our Peace Pantry families a Thanksgiving dinner. Our goal this year is to raise $4,000 so we can provide our families a Thanksgiving dinner for them to enjoy.


If you would like to give, please use the link below:


Deadline for donations is Tuesday, November 15th


For any additional questions, please contact Monique at


Peace Pantry Volunteers Needed

See the Peace Pantry Page for more information.


Bus Passes for Students
Apply for a free/reduced bus pass here.


SMUHSD Board Meetings

Missed a Board Meeting? View it here on YouTube


Interested in joining the next SMUHSD meeting? See the district website for the meeting agenda and login information.


Hillsdale Knights Bulletin: Latest Issue

Posts for Bulletin: Submit Your Post Here

PTSO Emails: Join our mailing list here

PTSO Hospitality Donation Request

Throughout the year, PTSO Hospitality will be supporting events and activities. In order to make them successful, we rely on donations. Please click the Sign-Up Genius link below to donate if you are able. The link will be updated frequently, so feel free to revisit it from time to time. 

Join the PTSO

Registration Form for HHS PTSO: 

Click here to volunteer

There are lots of ways to get involved with the HHS PTSO!

Your participation is what makes our community vibrant! The PTSO provides the opportunity to be connected and involved in your student’s experience at Hillsdale. Although all parents, teachers and students are automatically members of the Hillsdale High School PTSO, only active members are allowed to vote. You can become an active member by volunteering at PTSO events and coming to the PTSO meetings.


If you are interested in volunteering or participating in any way with the PTSO, please email our co-presidents, Holly Yates or Jen Ryan.

The PTSO is funded by donations from the HHS Foundation which helps pay for our programs so please consider donating today.


Hillsdale High School Foundation: Supporting Small Learning Communities


Since 2009, the Foundation has offset district shortfalls by raising money to ensure that our unique Small Learning Community flourish at HHS. Most of our funds raised come directly from our families. We are counting on your support each year. 


Please donate today (payment plan option available) and please consider corporate matching if your company provides this. 


We are counting on your support to help fund: 

  1. Hillsdale High School Staffing for SLC model 

  2. Faculty Professional Development

  3. Technology support and science equipment 

  4. Grants to Booster Groups