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Support Hillsdale's Small Learning Communities (SLC) and Invest in your Child’s Education

Hillsdale High School Foundation
Your tax-deductible donation fills the gap between state funding and what our students need to thrive. We are counting on your support to help fund: 

  • Hillsdale High School Staffing for SLC house advisory and reduced class sizes (comprise over 60% of needed funding) 

  • Faculty Professional Development

  • Technology support and science equipment 

  • Grants to Booster Groups 

  • Grants to Peace Pantry and Empowerment Through Action



You can also help by considering:

  • Making a company match to increase the impact of your donation. Consult our Double your Donation interface to determine if your company offers a match. 

  • Donating with an E-Check (EFT) which saves the Foundation having to pay much higher credit card fees.

  • Asking your company to consider becoming a Hillsdale Corporate Partner?


Click here for different levels of Corporate Partnership  

Thank you from the entire Hillsdale High School Community!

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Hillsdale High School Foundation -

Message from Principal Gilbert


The Hillsdale High School Foundation has yet to reach our budgeted goal of $600K. We are currently at $485K and I hope you will help us close the gap by making an investment in your child’s education.


Our Foundation helps pay for salaries in our Small Learning Community (SLC) model which includes advisors, houses, and reduced class sizes in 9th and 10th grades. This model costs more but has proven to be extremely beneficial to our students and school community by fostering critical relationships. In addition, the Foundation Fund pays for professional development and collaboration time for our teachers. We also fund technology upgrades and grants to all our Boosters, PTSO, Peace Pantry and Empowerment Through Action.


When the Hillsdale community comes together, we enable our students to thrive and we can say "yes" to our faculty when they have a need.


Thank you! 

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